Pediatric Healthcare in Richardson, TX

Children require special care and attention to stay healthy. Little ones may not know how to tell you if they’re hurt or sick, so you need experienced pediatric care to ensure your children stay happy and healthy as they grow. John R. Porter, MD, is here to help. Dr. Porter and Dr. Laura Galloway offer professional and comprehensive pediatric healthcare in Richardson, TX.

Come to Our Office for Comprehensive Care

As children grow, they go through many different phases and changes. This development is vital to their well-being. That’s why one of the services we offer is well child visits. These are regular appointments that don’t have anything to do with your child being sick or unwell. We’ll simply evaluate their growth and development to ensure that everything is on track.


We also offer sick child visits for the times that your child does feel unwell. From simple colds or coughs to more urgent emergencies, we have the experience and training to handle it all. For emergencies, we will do our best to see your child right away. If that’s not possible, we’ll quickly refer you to an appropriate facility so that your child gets the attention they need as soon as possible.


For those problems that occur outside of our regular business hours, we offer our after-hours nurse line. We employ pediatric-trained and licensed nurses who can give you advice on taking care of your child until our office is open again. They can also help you find an after-hours facility if your child’s needs can’t wait. Call (855) 456-6976 for our after-hours nurse service.


Dr. Porter and Dr. Galloway provide pediatric care from newborn through high school, and we pride ourselves on friendly, compassionate, and professional healthcare services.


Contact our office today at (972) 235-6911 for an appointment.


Well Visits

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends your child receive regular well child visits. Well visits allow us to track your child's growth and development. Contact us for an appointment.

(972) 235-6911


Sick Visits

If your child is sick during our regular office hours, we will do our best to see them on that same day. If this is a true emergency, proceed to an emergency room or dial 9-1-1. Contact us for an appointment.

(972) 235-6911


After Hours

For medical concerns after our regular office hours, we offer our after-hours nurse line. The pediatric trained nurses can give you advice on caring for your child until our office is open again.  After Hours Nurse Line.

(855) 456-6976


Dr. Porter is available for telemedicine video appointments. If you prefer speaking remotely from your home, and your concern is telemed appropriate, we'll be glad to accommodate you. Contact us for an appointment.

(972) 235-6911

MyChart Patient Portal

MyChart is an easy and effective way for us to communicate with you. With MyChart, you can easily access your child’s medical records including medications, immunizations and test results. Start using MyChart


Office Information

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Common side effects include redness and swelling at the injection site, fever, muscle aches, headache and fatigue. Severe allergic reactions are rare and vaccine centers are prepared to respond to these rare events.

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